What is the difference between Black Belt Class A and Black Belt Class AA divisions?

Class A divisions are considered amateur divisions while Class AA are professional. Black Belt Class AA Competitors may qualify for overall grand championships and may earn championship points from NASKA, ISKA and/or other participating organizations. Black Belt AA Competitors may also be considered for a position as a performer in the ISKA Night of Champions. Class A competitors are not eligible for money prizes, to participate in the Class AA grand championships or to appear in the ISKA Night of Champions.

Can I compete in both Class AA and Class A divisions?

Yes but not in the same discipline. If you are ready to compete in Class AA sparring but want to compete in Class A forms or weapons, this is allowed because sparring, forms and weapons are not the same discipline. You would not be allowed to compete in sparring in both Class A and Class AA divisions. The only exceptions are in continuous sparring, Sport MMA and all team sparring besides 3-Man team. There are no Class AA level continuous or Sport MMA sparring divisions so competitors of all levels may participate in the Class A continuous divisions and Sport MMA divisions even if competing in a Class AA point or CLASH sparring division.

Do I need to buy a spectator ticket if I am a competitor, under age 5, etc.?

If you are a competitor, you do not need to purchase a general admission spectator ticket because your competition fee includes a 3-day general admission to the tournament. Competitors may attend the Thursday, Friday and Saturday eliminations as part of the competition fees. Children 5 and under may spectate at the Thursday, Friday and Saturday eliminations at no charge. EVERYONE needs to purchase a reserved seat if they want to attend the Night of Champions.

Do I need to have my musical events music approved?

Music cleared through Epidemic Sound will be required in all runoff and finals divisions, both for amateur (UBB & BBA) and professional (BBAA). Please go to Royalty Free Music for video creators | Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/